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tv   Inauguration  CSPAN  January 19, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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more reliable the evidence of impairment is. so under the respondent's approach, it would be mandated that we're going to allow the most reliable evidence to dissipate and degrade over a period of time in favor of admittedly less reliable evidence taken at a later time. and i -- that's simply that basically inconsistent with other cases. i believe that responders proposed rule is completely impractical and unworkable. if there are no further questions, -- >> thank you. >> up next is chelsea clinton.
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saturday was a national day of service held throughout the nation to honor the service of martin luther king jr.. on of the events took place at the national mall. it was headlined by chelsea clinton. joining her was beau dienbiden d actress eva longoria. >> are you guys ready to kick off this day of doing a bunch of good? i will be your mc today. let's have a huge national day of service. welcome. she is currently serving as the cochair of the inauguration committee. let's hear it for ms. eva longo ria. [applause]
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[cheers and applause] >> good morning. i'm so excited to be here. it is inspiring to see so many of you come out for this national day of service and give back to your community. a lot of you know i grew up in corpus christi, texas. and i grew up in a family of volunteers and a family and community of people who wanted to give back. my three sisters and i were very blessed to have a great role models, which were my parents, who dedicated their lives to serving the others. i mother was a special-education teacher. [cheers] my dad worked on the army base. my parents were crystal clear about what they wanted for us and that was an education. so a lot of what we did to give
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back was in the educational arena. i love that president obama has the same values. he knows that, for our nation, and education cannot be a luxury. it will strengthen the middle- class and strengthen the work force that will keep us innovated. if you're thinking about how you can search or how you can follow the president's example to honor this national day of service, start with this. make a difference in one child's life. mentor a student. donate a book to a library, donate supplies to a school. volunteer at an afterschool program.
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i am here because i have someone looking out for me. i'm telling you how important my education was. someone was pushing me to succeed. but i want to make sure the next generation has that as well. so last year, when i launched the eva longoria foundation, i focused on helping advance latinas in education. a belief that america should be a place where hard work pays off, where ambition can create opportunity, and, no matter where at you look like or where you come from or what your last name is, you can make it if you try. [cheers and applause] let's start this new year by achieving america's promise. we will go back to our schools and students and we will serve our community. and you will be serving your
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country when you serve your community. and is to make the dream of a good education a reality, it will enrich your life as well. it is my honor not to introduce -- now to introduce someone who has giving back in her dna, the national chair of this national day of service -- chelsea clinton. [cheers and applause]♪ >> good morning everybody. thank you, eva. i want to echo what eva said and say how wonderful it is to see everybody in this room. this day in particular has a lot of personal meaning for me. i am proud of my parents for countless reasons. [cheers and applause]
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i am glad you feel the same way. but one of the reasons i am particularly proud of my father today is that, 19 years ago, he signed that made martin luther king day a national day of service. [cheers and applause] and when he signed the bill, he reminded us of what dr. king often called life's most persistent and urgent question -- what are you doing for others? and in my family, the only wrong answer to that question is nothing. but there are as many right answers as there are people in this tent today and people in our country. eva spoke about how her parents inspired her. my parents certainly inspire me every day. but today, when i engaged in a service project with my husband mark, i will be thinking about
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my grandmother dorothy who started giving back when she was a child. she volunteered in her local school, helping to tutor migrant workers, farm children in southern california, in reading in english and writing. as she got older and had her own children, she provided school trips. she always wanted to cook an extra lunch for someone whose parents could not provide that for them. when she got older still, her children, including my mom, had left the home. she became a big sister to mentor young girls like her who had been neglected and abused as a child. when she got older still and she could not do that any longer, she would knit clothing to donate to her local church. and then when she got older still and she could no longer
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knit, she gave with money she could to support the big sisters and big brother program and to help still ensure that little girls like her would have people who had believed in them, just what she had summit people who believe in her because she always believed that every child who had been neglected to grow up and be a mother, to have a home full of love and support so their children, like my mother, could have dreams that reached the sky. and that is the chain of service in our country and i am deeply grateful to the inspiring example of my grandmother and my parents and i am so grateful to see some much enthusiasm in this room today. and i hope that today will be either the only most recent date of service in so many of your lives, particularly with so many of the children in the tent today, your first day of service. it is so much more fun when we all work together. it is my great honor and privilege to ask beau biden to the stage.
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have fun today, everybody. thank you. ♪ >> good morning, everyone. thank you for leading the support and effort here in this inaugural weekend. thank you for your leadership here and think the most importantly to you all out here on this chilly saturday morning. your dedication is inspiration to me and my family. this event, the national day of service, is a wonderful way to honor, as chesley just eloquently noted, the legacy of dr. king. but it is also a reminder that our veterans of our nation, every day is a big service for them and every day's a day of sacrifice. today, in my career in the military, i have had the honor
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of serving with two heroes whose service and sacrifice i have seen up close and personal. as of yesterday, we remember today the 6572 brave men and women in uniform who paid the ultimate sacrifice. [applause] returning home as fallen angels in my state and delaware. as you look around this magnetism all, you will see-- magnificent mall, you will see memorials to that service, memorial honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. but there are fewer monuments to the thousands of selfless acts of service and sacrifice performed every day around this country and the world by our
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servicemen and women. whether it is a 17-year-old boy reporting for basic training after begging his mom to sign a waiver to allow him to join or to national guardsmen who leaves his home and his family as the storm approaches to go fill sandbags to protect another person's home, whether it be in a hurricane or super storm sandy. you can clap for that. that is right. [applause] the servicemen and women and the veterans and their families were here with us this morning are living monuments to that service. their commitment to serve, their willingness to volunteer should be inspiration and is an inspiration to me and it should be to you and i know it is. in spite of all the talk of how divided we are as a nation, how we are as a country, more and more americans are coming
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together to serve each other every day. volunteers in america is at a five-year high. in 2011, americans spent 8 billion hours giving back to their communities, enough hours to build the entire state building more than a thousand times over. [cheers and applause] you represent that. you're organizing food drives, mentoring children from the building playgrounds and so much more. when i look out and see you all and the kids here today, your service is having an even greater impact because you're in selling what my wife and i and brother and sister-in-law and my sister and brother-in-law are trying to do with our kids, instilling that had a service, making it second nature to but others first as chelsea's parents taught her.
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so my request to you today is to take advantage of the hundred + organizations in this tent and on the small around this city that are out there to see if there is one where their mission matches your passion and consider serving our veterans as a small way of repaying the service that they have given to us. as my father said, help us show with the strength of our -- helpless show that the strength of our example as an example of our strength. my pop and the president of the nited statses will do all they can to strengthen our nation. [cheers and applause]
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today, we can all and hand and do the same. and in doing so, we are working to make our great country worthy of our veterans service and their sacrifice. thank you and god bless our troops. [applause] >> hi. what's yournam name? ?ill you shake my nhand what are you doing? >> we are making cards.
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>> for the national day of service, the president and mrs. obama were at an elementary school in washington, ec bank they participated in a community project -- in washington, d.c.
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they participated in a community project. >> that was a good one. [laughter] [inaudible chatter]
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[applause] >> hello, everyone. hello, hello, hello. [cheers and applause] well. [cheers and applause]
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this is a good-looking crew here. first of all, we want to acknowledge burrville elementary school. [cheers and applause] and the principal, who is doing outstanding work. if you see to it, you might think she is a student, but no, she is the principal. as they look around the room, we see friends from all across the country. people who have been great supporters, but more importantly, everybody here -- children understand the importance of giving back. as we think about not so much inauguration, but we think about the fact that this is dr. king 's birthday we are celebrating
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this weekend, i'm always reminded that he said that everyone wants to be first. everyone wants to be a drum major, but if you are going to be a drum major, be a drum major for service, for justice, for looking out for other people. [applause] organizations like -- [cheers and applause] the corporation for national service, all of the great work that is being done shows that there is a huge hunger on part of the young people to get involved and get engaged. we were talking to one of the young people. i was painting a shelf.
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michele says i did a fine job. one of the folks i was talking to said that their parents every holiday, they would always do service. the fact that we have some outstanding young people here today, i want to say thank you to the parents for showing early on to all the young people how gratifying and how fulfilling it is. this is what america is about. this is what we celebrate. this inauguration, it is a symbol of how our democracy work and how we peacefully transfer power. it should also be an affirmation that we are all in this together. we need to look out for one another and work hard on behalf of one another. we hope that you guys are having a great time. [cheers and applause]
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i hear reports that the very young people did some great work. some of the older folks like me hurt our knees bending down a little bit. somehow, michelle looks stylish while she was doing it. [cheers and applause] >> thank you. it is great to have such a great turnout. we have a lot of family members in the audience. we always force our family to serve. they do it happily. i'm proud of our families for always being there for us. we love you guys. as barack said, this is a weekend of celebration, but through it all, the reason why we are standing here and able to celebrate this weekend is because a lot of people worked
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hard and supported us. we have got a job to do. this is a symbol of the kind of work we need to be doing for the next four years and beyond. it is ok. for all of the young people, we have a lot of young people, seniors at the school. we are passing the baton on to you all. the goal is that as you make your way through life, as long as you are pulling up someone behind you, you are doing the right thing. we are very proud of you. we will come down and shake some hands. [cheers and applause]
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>> vice president biden and jill biden and members of the family participated in the national day of service project at the d.c. armoring. i helped put together care kits for veterans. ♪
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♪ >> thank you. thank you for your service. >> how are you? >> thank you for volunteering.
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>> thank you. >> hey, how are you? we have one more. >> come on down, my dear. there you go. >> these are cotton swabs. how are you? good to see you. how are you?
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>> hi. how are you? >> hi. >> hi. thank you for your service. >> how are you? >> how are you?
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>> thank you. [cheers and applause] >> on the father of two great sons. [applause] i wanted introduce you to the whole family. my daughter. my daughter-in-law on the left.
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my granddaughter, mazie. my granddaughter, natalie. there is hunter. and the love of my life who is a freshman in college now. i would like introduce my third son. i told my daughter, if you change your mind about him, i'm keeping him. [laughter] i would be happy to lame her as my own -- claim her as my own
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daughter. come through. isll get it, y'all get what so important. there are still troops that are in harm's way. one of the things that many of you know, knowing that you remember, just remember we know what is going on. that is an important piece of the equation. one of the organizations my wife and michelle started is that
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this population were fighting to incredible wars. [applause] there is only 1% fighting these wars, 99% acknowledge what they are doing. there is a great saying from the great poet, keats. we say thank you. [applause] we were focusing on packages sent to our soldiers. as you can see, i'm a little bit older than everyone else. dr. king was one of my heroes.
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as i was about to graduate, she started -- he started this notion of absolute service. whatever affects one directly affects the other. you are acknowledging that. we have to reach out to people. that is what we are all about. thank you. dr. king taught us that you do not measure success by 1, 2, or 10 men.
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i think we have success by doing these great things. i think our country is in the cusp of doing truly, great things. one of the guys that i admire greatly is president bush. he said, we have within our reach the promise of a renewed america. serving a higher purpose than ourselves. a shining purpose. an illumination that points the way. it is about possibilities. the possibilities are immense. thank you for believing as deeply as i do.
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trying to make things better in this country. thank you for what you are doing. god bless you and may god protect our troops. [cheers and applause] >> now first lady michelle and jill biden hosting a kids inaugural concert for children of men and women serving in the military. it is a tradition that began in 2009 to honor the service and the sacrifice is part of the inaugural at tiffany's.
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the first lady spoke at the washington convention center. [applause] >> good evening. i made fourth-grade student in newport news, virginia. my mom is in the navy. i'm honored to introduce it this evening dr. jill biden, second lady of the united states. [cheers and applause] dr. biden is married to the vice president, joe biden. she is a mother and a grandmother. she is a great teacher, too. she teaches english at a community college.
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she is a strong supporter of military families, along with the first lady, michelle obama. dr. biden help create an organization that supports military families like mine. ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, please join me in welcoming dr. jill biden. [cheers and applause] >> hello, everyone. thank you for that wonderful introduction. i'm so proud of him. i know you brought some other kids from your elementary school. it is so good to see all of you. [cheers and applause] i want to thank your mother and
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your whole family for their service to our country. j.r. martinez, it is always wonderful to see you. thank you for your service. and all that you continue to do for military families. the first lady and i are so excited to be here with all of these military kids. i went to get a special welcome to some very great kids from the delaware army national guard, 1 any. pliolice comp [applause] just a few weeks ago, i was with them when their mom or dad were deployed to afghanistan. i want you all to know that we are so proud of you. we will be here for you while
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your moms and dads are with. -- away. the first lady and i knew we wanted to celebrate the strength and and service of our military families. that is why we started joining forces. it is our effort to encourage all americans to find ways to honor and to support our troops, veterans, and families. joining forces is important to me because i know something about eating a military mom. our son, beau, is a major and that national guard. beau has two children, natali ane and hunter. [applause] thank you. i know firsthand how important it is for a child to have everyone support -- and their
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friends, their teachers, and the entire community when mom or dad is the way. we want tonight to be one special way that our country shows all of you just how much we appreciate everything you are doing for our country. we are so excited to be here with you tonight, with everyone. i would like introduce someone else who is so proud of you and is excited to be here. she has been working hard for military families. please welcome my great rent and partner, first lady michelle obama. [cheers and applause] >> wow. thank you.
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thank you to jill, my partner. [applause] how is everyone doing? are you guys having fun? are you excited to be here for the inauguration? [cheers and applause] well, we are all excited that you could join us tonight. for those in washington and around this country and all around the world. we have kids from fort hood that are here. we have folks who have joined us from joint base in pearl harbor. we have folks from right patterson air force here. we have folks from camp pendleton who are here with us. and we have coast guard
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clearwater here as well. [cheers and applause] and for the wonderful kids from the new naval air station that led the pledge of allegiance -- [cheers and applause] we have some very special guests that are here as well -- your parents. let's give them a round of applause. [cheers and applause] they are right there. they can see you. inauguration is a big deal. the president and the vice president are sworn in. there are inaugural balls. you get to dress up and everyone dances. we had a wonderful day of service today. hundreds of people come from all 50 states to join in the
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celebration. i love every single minute of it. my very favorite part of this entire weekend is being right here with all of you. [applause] because for me, this is what inauguration is all about. it is about celebrating who we are as americans and all the things that make this country so great. when i think about who we are, what makes america great, i think about all of you, our men and women in uniform, our military spouses, and our amazing military kids. that is why jill and i wanted to host this event. we are not the only ones that wanted to pay tribute to all of you. when we said we wanted to host a concert to honor military kids, everyone wanted to be here. i sure will -- usher wanted to
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be here. katy perry wanted to be here. and all the other amazing performers wanted to be here as well. let me tell you, they are not here for me. they're not here for dr. biden. they are here for all of you. they know the kind of sacrifice that you make every single day. let me share something -- did you know that a military kid attends an average of six to nine schools by the time he or she graduates from high school? inc. about it. -- think about it. imagine how much courage it takes to always be the new kid and walk through the doors of a new school every couple of years. having to make new friends again and again. did you know that our men and
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women in uniform often have to be away from their families for months? sometimes years? think about the level of maturity that it requires for military kids. think about that. think about how they have to step up at home without being asked. taking out the trash when mom or dad is not there. helping their sibling with the homework. think about how hard it is to be apart from the people they love the most. how they missed their moms and dads every single day and would do anything to have them back home. that is just a glimpse of what it means to be a military kid. it means always thinking about things that are so much weaker than yourself. it means going up -- and that means so much more than yourself.
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it means a growing up. it means of doing big greatest thing that you can do with your life at such a young age thomas and that is to -- at a young age, and that is to serve the country. make no mistake about it, you are an important part of the greatest military on earth. [applause] by supporting your families, you are helping to protect this country and keep every single one of us safe. you are doing that. dr. biden and i are out of you all. every day we are proud of you. the vice president and the president are proud of you. as these wars are drawn to and end and we draw down our troop, i want you all to know absolutely that you and your
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we will notow that draw down our support to support you. we will be doing the opposite. today we have a great obligation to serve you than ever before. we will do everything in our power, everything to meet that obligation, to make sure our military families get the support and the condition that you all deserve. in the coming months and years, and joining forces, we will keep calling on americans to translate the love and pride that we feel into action that makes a real difference for you and your families. every single one of us has a role to play here. i encourage everyone watching tonight to go to joiningforces.
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gov and find out how to give back to military families. we cannot rest, we cannot be satisfied until we have served all of you as well as you have served this country. you deserve nothing less. with that, there is someone out here tonight who would like to show her appreciation for you all. she is our final performer of this evening. are you ready? [cheers and applause] are you really ready? [cheers and applause] all right then. it is my pleasure to introduce the fabulous katy perry! [cheers and applause] >> katy perry was just one of the singers at the inaugural kids on serb. -- concert.
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user and members of glee were other performers. >> in his weekly radio address, president obama talked about his recent proposals to reduce gun violence. he asked the american people where they stand on this issue. representative james lankford did the republican address on what he calls uncontrolled spending. >> hi, everyone. this week i announced a series of concrete steps we can take to protect our children and our communities from gun violence. these proposals were made out of meetings that were held over the last month with more than 200 groups, from parents and teachers, law enforcement, religious leaders and mental health professionals. in the weeks ahead, i will do
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everything in my power to make them every out he. we may not be able to prevent every act of violence in this country, if there is one thing we can do to reduce violence, if one life can be saved, we have an obligation to try. my administration will strengthen background check system and helping schools hire more resource officers if they want them and to study the best ways to reduce gun violence. the truth is, making a real and lasting difference also requires congress to act and act soon. first, it is time for congress to require a universal background for anyone trying to buy a gun. the law requires a gun dealers to perform these checks. as many as 40% are conducted without one. that is not safe and that is not smart. it is not fair to responsible gun buyers or sellers.
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an overwhelming majority of americans agree that people need to prove they are not a felon. that is common sense. second, congress should restore a ban on military style assault weapons and a 10 round limit for magazines. many assault weapons when combined with magazines have one purpose -- to fire as many bullets as possible and as quickly as possible. these weapons have no place in our communities. the majority of the american people agree with me. finally, congress needs to make it easier and rather -- make it easy rather than harder for law enforcement to do their job. at a time when many communities are being forced to make cuts to their police force, we need to put more cops are back on the job and back on the streets. like most americans, i believe the second amendment guarantees the right to bear arms. the vast majority of gun owners
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act responsibly. ownersbelieve most agogun agree we can respect the second amendment while making sure that others prevent harm on a mask scale. none of this be easy. we are seeing hundreds of politicians and special lobbyists call it an assault on liberty. not because it is true. behind the scenes, they are doing everything they can to protect the status quo. this time, he it cannot be up to them. -- it cannot be up to them. it has got to be up to you. ask your member of congress if they support the universal background check and renewing a ban on military style assault weapons with magazines. if the answer is no, ask them, why not?
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ask them why the gun lobby is more important than keeping kids safe in a first grade classroom? since the tragedy in newtown, i have gotten letters all over the country, including from young people. one is from eight-year-old rachel who lives in brooklyn, new york. she wrote, please do something so that that evil cannot get guns to kill other people. children should be safe, especially in school. rachel is counting on us. let's get this done for her and all the other children in this country. let's make sure this country is a safer place for all children to learn and grow. thank you. have a great weekend. >> hello. i'm congressman james lankford from the great state of oklahoma. tomorrow president obama will be sworn in for a second term. though we disagree on some terms, we want to pray for the days ahead. are the last four years, our
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nation has faced tough economic times. millions of americans are out of work and gas and food prices continue to rise. we have never increased spending or debt faster than we have in this period. i weiss mad -- a wise man leaves an inheritance for their children and children's children. federal spending is dragging our economy down rather than lifting our families up. it is time for democrats and republicans to work together to get our nation and families back on track. every family and every business has a budget. our nation should have a budget as well. every year, the president is required by law to submit a budget by february 4. for the fourth time in five years, they will be late to submitting a budget to your
8:58 pm
representatives. unfortunately, the president has missed more budget deadlines than any of his predecessors. aey're supposed to submit budget. 1361 days to be exact. this is not the result of washington gridlock. majority leader harry lee said it would be foolish to produce a budget. we disagreed. with more than $16 trillion in debt, we believe it is foolish to not have a budget. in the house, we believe we need to pass a budget on time. we need to moderate spending, a our bills, keep the government running. we need a plan to slowly on the but surely walk our nation out of debt, deficit, and decline. this debatealf, --
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is often argued in numbers and figures, but it is really about families like yours that bear the burden of a slow economy. constant uncertainty and ever changing government rules that cesare jobs overseas. de to day jobs pay less. -- day to day jobs pay less. we need to address the most pressing economic challenges. you deserve better. with the swearing in of a new congress and the inauguration of president obama, this is an opportunity for a new start. republicans will not provide a blank check for more spending and the rational borrowing and constant tax increases. we need to have a washington budget and not a family budget. budget and not a family budget.


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